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Become a Member

CCV Membership is quick and includes a number of benefits:

  • Access to all club functions - Many of our events are only open to Club Members. Some of these events are free for Members to attend (subsidised by the club) while other functions are organised on a "user pays" basis.           

  • Gain access to a social network and opportunities to meet new people and old friends.     

  • Get information on visiting Canadians and Canadian Cultural events - artists, musicians, academics etc.   

  • The occasional promotion - free concert passes, great deals on flights, free tickets to an ice hockey game, discounts at local businesses, etc.     

  • Receive our Club Newsletter - filled with club related articles, as well as information about Canada and Canadians


$40.00 - Family, Metro Melbourne     

$25.00 - Single, Metro Melbourne     

$25.00 - Family, Outside of Metro Melbourne  

$15.00 Single, Outside of Metro Melbourne  

$24.00 Family, Pension**      

$12.00 Single, Pension**    

**Seniors or Old Age Pension Only